It’s Not Just an App; It’s Innovation with a Purpose

V5 Business Solutions, expert at cloud and mobile product development, takes pride in introducing its new and innovative, first patented mobile app - HostelKhoj.

From the name to the vision, concept and features, HostelKhoj reflects innovation in every sense of the word. And that’s not an overstatement.

We named it HostelKhoj because this mobile app functions like one! It is a Mobile App for Searching Hostels in the city of your choice. Just like a personal genie, this app helps you, the user, search for the perfect hostel, PG (Paying Guest), Temporary Accommodation, Mansion and Rental in your preferred city in just a few clicks. What’s more, this app does not just make the accommodation finding process simple but also quick and stress-free.

HostelKhoj is available for free on both the Play Store and App Store. So download it and enjoy a super-easy hostel finding process without any fuss.

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The Challenges

Relocating from one city to another for studies or job can be stressful, especially when you can’t find the right accommodation that suits your needs, budget and preference.

Searching for accommodation in your preferred city can get the best of you as the process is frustrating and tiring. And the worst part is that when you finally find the perfect place to stay; it turns out to be too costly, because of which, you have to go through the accommodation finding process all over again.

Looking at the growing demand for highly-functional and user-friendly hostel finding mobile apps, V5 Business Solutions took the leap forward and created HostelKhoj. This app is built for performance - helping users navigate through their accommodation choices and determine the best ones in seconds.

Project Goal

Quick Access to Hostel Information

Help individuals relocating to any city to give them quick access and complete hostel/accommodation information at their fingertips.


A product that offers superior value to users by making it feature-rich.

Deliver a Stress-Free Experience

Make the hostel finding and relocation process simple and stress-free.


Our product should be easily accessible to people who need it the most in terms of availability in stores and pricing.

Awesome Features

Ordinary is not what we do! We strive to deliver unique and that’s evident from HostelKhoj’s awesome features. Take a look:

  • In-depth Hostel Details: Provides complete information to users about hostels like address, cost, facilities, pictures, reviews, and ratings
  • Quick Hostel Search: Search accommodations in just a few clicks with your preferred basic criteria, such as boys or girls
  • Near By Hostels: Smart search for PG/Hostels around your current location
  • Point-of-Interest Search: Search accommodation around a locality or Point-of-interest. For example, around your educational institute or work location.
  • Look for specific Hostels: Sort and filter the PG/Hostels based on preferred criteria like amenities, cost, gender etc.
  • Bookmark your likes: Bookmark your specific choices for quick reference
  • Alerts: Keeps you updated by sending alerts from specific accommodations upon availability
  • Contact Accommodation: Contact the facility directly from HostelKhoj to reserve your accommodation or to know more details
  • Easy Navigation: Use the Map feature to navigate to your desired location with ease
  • Free App: Available for FREE without any Ads