Native Mobile App Development

Native Mobile App Development is our forte. We specialize in app development across platforms including iOS, Android and Window Phone; and wearable technology. With our platform-specific apps, you can cater to large audiences and boost your sales dramatically without any limitation. Our native mobile apps help you deliver excellent customer experience regardless of which platform they use to access your business.

We can also help you use smart watches as powerful business tools and make important company information available for your employees on their wrist.

Mobile Strategy

Our experts help develop, execute and deliver mobile strategies to increase employee productivity, tap into new revenue streams and create a well-connected workforce. We can help mobilize your business for success.

V5 Business Solutions works with you cohesively. Our strategists understand your brief, business challenges and goals to ensure we create a well-rounded mobile strategy for you that delivers your desired results.

Enterprise App Development

Drive digital transformation organization-wide through our enterprise app development services. We creatively combine the right technologies and skills to help you overcome your industry and company specific challenges and achieve your targeted goals.

Our adroit mobile app developers have the expertise to create mobile experiences to cater to the unique needs of varied audiences within your enterprise, such as apps for your scattered workforce or your partners.

Cloud Computing

Move to the cloud to surpass all time, geographical, and communication boundaries. Our cloud computing solutions provide you the flexibility and ease to access your business at anytime from anywhere in a secure and reliable environment; and more importantly, ensure optimal business performance. We are expert in cloud services including but not limited to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Microsoft Azure is a rapidly-growing collection of integrated services and tools such as analytics, mobile, database, storage, networking and web. By leveraging the power of Azure’s integrated services, you can experience unmatched business productivity. MS Azure makes it easier to not just build but also carefully manage enterprise, web, mobile and Internet of Things apps faster.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an expansive technology platform for businesses to go global while being efficient with IT expenditures. It also serves as a reliable alternative in case disaster strikes, facilitating faster disaster recovery of critical IT systems and applications.

Business Intelligence

Redefine your business success intelligently by extracting crucial data analytics and meaningful insights . Our BI services empower you to make informed decisions in real time without any delay, which is greatly needed to compete successfully in today’s overly competitive and dynamic business landscape.

With this service, you don’t have to spend weeks or months to make decisions. Business Intelligence allows you to create a culture of both speedy and efficient decision making to respond confidently and proactively to emerging challenges and market pressure without delays.

Internet Of Things

We take the concept of internet of things to the next level by transforming connected devices into smarter and more functional objects operating in a more secure environment than ever before; empowering businesses beyond mere connectivity.

We provide you IoT services that not only help you connect but also manage and control devices; and gain deeper and more valuable insights with analytics on IoT data that is otherwise impossible.

Machine Learning

Unlock the value hidden in large and unstructured data sets by benefiting from our machine learning applications.

At V5 Business Solutions, we specialize in creating limitless and enterprise-grade applications on the Machine Learning framework. Our apps are engineered to help businesses identify patterns and trends in real world data which otherwise can be complicated to interpret and analyze. Using Machine Learning applications, you can start making data-driven decisions with accuracy and use even the most unstructured data available for your business success with a predictive future.